Communication Services

Copywriting & Content Strategy

Words are powerful. Whether numbering a few thousand or just 10, how you express yourself can significantly impact your sales, promotion, event attendance, media coverage and reputation.

We can help you harness that power by carefully and strategically crafting each piece to ensure you elicit the response you want. With the right copy, we can showcase your successes, promote your triumphs and give you the edge you need.

Whether you want to create or re-vamp a website, craft a persuasive press release, write an article, produce an ad or a 140-character tweet that engages your followers, we can help.

And we can advise you on how to strategize the best steps forward – and how best to achieve them.

Elle Communications also works with web and graphic designers and SEO strategists to help your project move seamlessly from A to Z, from ideation to inception to publication.

Some copywriting services we offer include:

  • Marketing & Advertising Copy
  • Website Content
  • Press releases & other Media Material
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine/Newspaper Articles
  • By-line/Op-ed Pieces
  • Corporate Communications
  • Speeches
  • Blogs
  • Advertorials
  • Brand Messaging
  • Mission, Vision Statements
  • Event Marketing Materials
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Grant & RFP Proposals/Applications
  • Annual Reports
  • Social Media Content
  • Case studies

Thought Leadership Content

One of the most powerful ways to promote your brand and, ultimately, your business, is by highlighting your role as a thought leader in the space in which you operate. Considering the ever-growing need to differentiate oneself among the clutter of content, it’s no surprise that thought leadership pieces are one of Elle Communications’ most popular offerings.

Typically, clients sign up for a series of pieces (5 to 10) – authored by them – that promote their voice, opinion and thoughts on a topic. We help brainstorm ideas within the industry, interview you to gain some personal insights and then conduct additional research for facts/figures before writing an in-depth thought leadership piece.

There’s no better way to establish your voice and attract your target audience than by positioning yourself as a leader. Let’s talk about how we can help you get there.

Website Content

Websites introduce you and your business to the world. That’s why it’s essential that prospective clients fully understand who you are and what you do. And that they can connect with your offering – and your voice – immediately upon finding you online.

Compelling websites establish powerful first impressions and give people a reason to care. Your content will either encourage someone to take that next step. Or it won’t.

We provide solid, powerful and engaging content that elevates your web presence, makes your words come alive and brings impact to your story.

Report Research & Writing

Whether it’s a white paper, annual report or another in-depth document, these projects are often time-consuming, deadline-oriented and heavily dependent on research. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?

No sweat. We’ll do it. Proficient at interviews, research and synthesizing complex material into simple, user-friendly language, Elle Communications will manage your report from start to finish, turning it around efficiently and on time.


Here’s one truism about speechwriting: it looks way easier than it is. Sure, you have all these great ideas, a host of impressive facts and a few jokes to throw in for good measure. But somehow, blending it all into one coherent, substantive oration – that doesn’t put everyone to sleep – can prove challenging.

At some point you start wondering what your time is worth – and whether it would be better spent doing what you do best.

You’re not alone. For a growing number of CEOs, EDs and other speakers battling the curse of too little time, it’s become common practice to hire speechwriters. We can help you craft your thoughts, facts and humorous anecdotes into compelling and engaging material. We’ll give you a hand – so you can receive the applause.

Strategic Communications

Sometimes you need more than content. Sometimes you want guidance with the bigger picture – devising a communications strategy and plan. We can help with that too. We would approach your needs from a “strategy first, content second” philosophy. Once we understand your priorities, we get to work, creating a comprehensive plan that will help meet your project’s content objectives.

Branding & Mission/Values Messaging

At the heart of branding is the question: who are you? When people talk about you, what do they say? What words, symbols, feelings come to their mind?  Do they demonstrate your core values and what makes you unique? Or is your target demographic unclear as to what you offer?

Elle Communications can help you answer that central question emphatically and with clarity, ensuring your brand messaging represents exactly who you are and your story. If you’re struggling with your mission, vision and values messaging, we can help you find those answers too, with customized exercises and strategic conversations. 

Digital Storytelling & Video Scripts

They say content is king. But visual storytelling has quickly become a popular medium for those looking to take their storytelling up a notch. A perfect way to reach your customers who’d rather watch than read, videos command attention and get results.

Whether promotional videos, employee communications or a special digital initiative, we help tell your visual stories in powerful ways. From writing the scripts to producing and directing the videos, we give you one more tool for your storytelling toolbox. 

Proofreading & Editing

If you decide to write the copy on your own, we can help edit and/or proofread it to ensure the final product is top-notch. Well-written and grammatically correct content is a must when putting your professional foot forward, after all. 

Editing involves revising your content, checking for syntax and readability. Certain words and sentences are often cut and/or rearranged. Sometimes, a complete revision is necessary, however. But, not to worry, we make sure the final version is impeccable and that it speaks with your “voice” intact.  

A slightly less involved and time-consuming process, proofreading involves activities like checking for typos, spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Whether proofreading or editing, Elle Communications leverages our writing skills with marketing best practices to ensure your final product effectively communicates with your target audience.

Ghostwriting Articles & Books

Simply put, ghostwriting helps you solve two issues – finding time to publish significant pieces of content, e.g. e-books, printed books, opinion pieces and columns in a publication – and ensuring that credit for the work remains in your hands. Win-win.

Whether you want to work hands-on or prefer less guidance, we guarantee the end product will reflect your vision and insights. Together we will tell your story, ensuring your unique voice is heard loud and clear.

E-books & Printed Books

If you’re looking to showcase talent, celebrate success or a special anniversary, enhance credibility or promote your brand, producing a book is a great idea. Whether published as a full-size coffee table book or e-book, this unique marketing tool lets you tell your distinct narrative in an engaging and compelling way. No matter the medium or purpose, Elle Communications can manage the entire project – from research and interviews to sourcing photos and overseeing graphics and production.

Media & Storytelling Training and Workshops

In today’s highly competitive environment, you have to work that much harder to gain the attention of the media, prospective clients and stakeholders. Learning how to communicate your story is an essential tool for long-term sustainability. Yet, too often we lose sight of storytelling’s importance, assuming our compelling story will somehow tell – and sell—itself. It doesn’t.

It’s time to empower yourself.  These training sessions and workshops will give you the tools, tips and lessons you need to harness your unique stories in order to move, inspire and attract others.

Media Training

Learn how to:

  • Write an attractive press release and media pitch
  • Put your best foot – and face – forward in print and broadcast interviews
  • Prepare for interviews to help you eloquently and impactfully communicate your story
  • Engage in interactive exercises to ensure the next time you’re interviewed, the words flow, your confidence shines and you tell your story eloquently and effectively.

Storytelling Workshops

You and your organization will learn how to leverage its personal story to attract stakeholders, the media and the public – and encourage them to act.

You will:

  • Learn storytelling best practices
  • Discover what makes a story powerful and why data and facts are not enough
  • Learn innovative methods to attract donors and partners through stories and case studies
  • Engage in interactive exercises to help implement stronger storytelling techniques.
  • Learn how to leverage your “storytelling champions”
  • Gain practical tips you can use every day