New Year New Website

Launching a new website often mirrors a new set of goals or a refreshed approach to one’s business. As it should. After all, one of the reasons we update our online presence is to ensure it better represents who we are, our “personal brand”. If that brand has evolved, you’re doing yourself and your prospective clients a disservice by not making that clear.


And so it was for me. I’d been working as a journalist and communications consultant for over a decade when it became apparent this past year that I was no longer doing the “same old, same old”. My work, my clients – and yes, even my aspirations – had taken some interesting twists and turns since starting out.


For one thing, as the co-founder of SEE Change Magazine, the only digital publication dedicated to social entrepreneurship in Canada, my understanding for, and experience in, that magical intersection of profit and purpose inspired a number of new clients. Add these newcomers to my regular clientele and I’m proud to say I enjoy a fascinating mix of folks in the private, nonprofit and hybrid sectors, all of whom contribute to my passionate workload.


For another, though I initially began my communications business as a simple content provider- offering writing help for those with no time or ability to do it on their own, I’ve come to notice my work has evolved into taking on more strategic roles for some of my clients. Perhaps it’s my experience as a television producer, my work in project management, or my editorial stints at various magazines.


Whatever the reason, I’m not only writing web content these days (though still happy to do it!) but formulating speeches, conducting in-depth research, ghostwriting books and conducting media training sessions with those looking to put their best face and feet forward.    


What’s more, I now find myself developing communication plans, devising social media and PR strategies. The “bigger picture” is now a more common landscape for my work.


And I’m enjoying every minute of it.


So, as I look toward 2013 with a brand new website that better reflects my more holistic experience and offerings, my hope is simple: to continue to enjoy a multifaceted, ever-challenging clientele and workload, to keep doing what I love – and to help you do the same.  


In the proceeding months, I’ll be using this blog to share tips and lessons learned. Feel free to email me with any questions and I’ll try my best to respond in a timely manner.


The next blog will be focused on the wonderful, crazy world of ghostwriting. Stay tuned.